Volkswagen: Think blue


The new Volkswagen image film coproduced by Sehsucht and BM8 (Hamburg/Germany) and directed by Ole Peters and Hans-Christoph Schultheiss of Sehsucht, propagates a resource-efficient, climate- and eco-friendly way of living. The three-minute animation film illustrates how to explore savings potential, efficient driving and green-minded actions and will be shown at Paris auto motor show this fall starting October 2nd. The film is part of Volkswagen THINK BLUE campaign and was commissioned by Tillmann Stauske and Janine Glahn, Volkswagen fair, congress and events dept.

Production: BM8, Hamburg, Germany
Producer: Henrike Boege
Coproduction: Sehsucht, Hamburg, Germany
Directors: Ole Peters, Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
Producer: Stephan Reinsch
Concept / Art: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss, Axel Broetje
3D Character: Markus Geerts, Sebastian Mayer, Markus Plinke
3D Environment: Peter Balicki, Vitaly Grossmann, Matthias Thoman, Joern Engelke
2D Animation: Beatrice Wellenbrock, Silke Sieler
Compositing: Beatrice Wellenbrock, Silke Sieler, Hans-Christoph Schultheiss, Sebastian Spitze
Music: Fritz Rating, Stefan Will / BLUWI Hamburg



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