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Human Slingshot Slip and Slide – Vooray


Trike Drifting

Ministry of Transport Finland: Crash Test Dummies


Advertising Agency: Publicis Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Anthony Wolch
Art Director: Sami Anttila
Copywriter: Tomi Winberg
Directors: Alexander Kiesl & Steffen Knocke / Unexpected
Producer: Carlo Trulli / SPY Films
Aired: September 2007

Atria: Dinner



Advertising Agency: TBWA\ Helsinki, Finland

Copywriter: Tomi Winberg
Art Director: Sami Anttila
Creative Director: Erkko Mannila
Agency Producer: Anu Ylimaa
Production: Grillifilms
Production: Sauna International
Director: Mikko
Director of Photography: Jean-Noel Mustonen
Producer: Hanna Mutanen
Music: Marko Nyberg
Published: November 2011

Compassion In World Farming: Stop Live Exports, 2


For many, it’s standing room only for the next 30 hours. Stop Live Exports.

Advertising Agency: Elvis, London, UK
Creative Director: John Treacy
Art Director: Seth Jones
Copywriter: David McCullough
Copywriter: Rae Stones
Published: 2012